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8 inch Hand Crank Drum Carder (MOD. 8U)
A basic carder designed for the craftsperson who does not need the carding speed, power and convenience of our electric machines. This unit is designed to be motorized later, if required.

Weight : 25 lbs

Dimensions: 23" width (including crank) x 23" length
8 inch Electric Drum Carder (MOD. 8M)
An alternative to purchasing a 16" electric carder. This unit is a V belt driven lighter weight, more portable machine that can be transported easier than our larger models.

Weight : 45 lbs
Dimensions: 19" width x 23" length
Speed: 30 RPM
Torque: @ 135 in lbs.
Drive: V belt w/guard
16 inch Electric Drum Carder (MOD. 16M)
Our largest machine, V belt driven higher speed unit combining high production with compact design.

Weight: 85 lbs
Dimensions: 30" width x 29" length
Speed: 60 RPM
Torque: @ 150 in lbs.
Drive: V belt w/guard

Duncan Carders

Fine Fiber Brush
Duncan Fiber Enterprises Ltd.
Doffing Cleaning Brush
Our doffing/cleaning brush is a hand held stiffer bristled brush which we use to assist in lifting a batt out of the carder teeth and removing residual fiber from the card cloth. The brush is also used when cleaning deposited fiber from the drum shafts, bearings and other locations where loose fiber collects. This implement is also an excellent lint brush
Shown above
Our patented Fine Fiber Brush has proven valuable for carding all fibers. The brush is especially effective on Angora Bunny, Mohair, and other fine fibers as it helps to eliminate static build up. The brush which essentially replaces the need for interchangeable drums, provides continuous combing of all fibers throughout the carding process.
Shown at right
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Without Brush
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With Brush